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The badger is a stout animal known for its burrowing ability.

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Other badger species include, the hog badger, the Japanese badger, the Burmese ferret badger, the honey badger (sometimes called a ratel) and the Asian badger.

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The badger is a burrowing mammal with a black-and-white striped face.Hedgehogs live in small garden or bushy areas, or small woods.

While the European badger digs deep warrens that may be used without interruption for decades, the American badger is a vagrant that moves across the landscape, digging a new burrow every day or two.

During the day they stay underground in their setts, where they might sleep and groom each other.

Badger definition, any of various burrowing, carnivorous mammals of the family Mustelidae, as Taxidea taxus, of North America, and Meles meles, of Europe and Asia. See more.Badger is the common name for any animal of the badger three subfamilies, which belong to the family Mustelidae.Honey Badger Facts Click here for more animal facts for kids Honey badgers are mammals.

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We here at Badger Tenkara think the Tenkara is probably the best way to introduce kids to fly fishing, and probably the best way to introduce kids to fishing in general.

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Badgers are found in North America, Ireland, Great Britain and most of Europe.It lives in Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.Stay up to date with Badger Paddle news, special offers and new product information.

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Host your own in-home painting party with Honey Badger Crafts.

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It can be found in Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent.

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Badgers are stocky animals, powerfully built with short legs and gigantic claws.It is classed as Least Concern for extinction by the IUCN because of its wide distribution and large population.

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